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Project Name

Implementation  Management Plan for the Lake Engure Nature Park

Project duration

2001 – 2004


Latvian Fund for Nature & Lake Engure Nature Park Fund


European Union LIFE-Nature program, Latvian Environmental Protection Fund, Engure and Mērsrags municipal authorities

Project location

Mērsrags, Engure, Ķūļciems & Zentene Parishes


Inga Račinska & Roberts Šiliņš



+371 7830999


+371 7830291

E-mail ,


Rīga, Raiņa Blvd. 31

LV-1050, Latvia

The project is based on the nature conservation plan for the Lake Engure Nature Park, prepared in 1998–1999 in the frame of a joint project between SEPA (the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency) and LDF. In 2001, with the financial support of the European Union LIFE-Nature foundation, the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund, the local authorities and Wetlands International, funds were obtained for the implementation of the activities envisaged in the nature conservation plan, and from 1 October 2001 the project ‘Implementation of the Lake Engure Nature Park Conservation Plan’ began.

Within the frame of the project, the following activities are to be conducted between October 2001 and September 2004, with the aim of conserving and protecting the values of Lake Engure and promoting the development of the adjacent parishes:

  • The Latvian Fund for Nature and the Engure Fund, in collaboration with the municipal authorities, will regenerate meadows along the shore of Lake Engure, cutting shrubs and trees in certain locations in accordance with the nature conservation plan. The project entails regeneration and maintenance of 107 ha of meadowland along the shore. Meadow regeneration work has begun already in 2002. 
  • In order to prevent overgrowing of the lake and to maintain areas of open water, it is planned to use a reed-mower bought to serve the needs of the Engure Fund, mowing 330 ha of reeds each year. The machine was procured in Sweden and already in June was brought to Engure, where it is successfully under operation.
  • Conditions suitable for waterfowl will be maintained at the main nesting sites, the islands, by regularly mowing and pasturing animals on them.
  • The Lake Engure Nature Park Fund will buy cattle, which will be put out to pasture on existing meadows and the meadows that are to be regenerated along the shore of Lake Engure and the seashore. For the needs of the project, four cows have been bought, which will be transferred to the first regenerated meadow in August. Thanks to Stichting Ark (Netherlands), five Konik horses have also been brought to the Engure meadows. They inhabit the meadowlands at Lake Engure and consume not only grass, but also the reeds.
  • In order to provide for the conservation and protection of particularly important areas of forest, 48 ha of forest are to be bought up from the present owners, and here all economic activities will be prohibited.
  • A project website will be created, in order to inform the public at large of the natural values of the Lake Engure Nature Park and the project activities.
  • Signs are to be erected at the limits of the nature park and at other readily accessible locations, clearly indicating the limits of the park, listing the activities permitted and prohibited within the park and the most significant natural values.
  • Within the frame of the project, a summer lecture hall and two bird-watching towers are to be built, a film is to be made about the project and about Lake Engure, and booklets are to be published.


First interitim activity report 
LIFE Engure progress report  
Final technical activity report 

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