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Gather waste paper from all over LATVIA

TOGETHER with Swedbank!

 Swedbank, Latvian Fund for Nature and Līgatnes Papīrfabrika invite you - Pupils and Teachers from all Schools in Latvia to participate in the biggest waste paper gathering ever!

The amount of waste paper in our environment is increasing every year; Each ton that we will gather helps to preserve 13 trees. That is the reason why we – Swedbank, Latvian Fund for Nature and Papīrfabrika Līgatne invite all Latvian schools to participate in waste paper gathering.

You have time to sign for this special environment care action till 14th November. All you have to do is to call Latvian Fund for Nature 67830996 or write an e-mail: zaiga.pulkstene@ldf.lv

When gathered waste paper, Schools are asked to inform Latvijas Dabas Fonds till 1st May 2009. You can contact us also before the deadline, but you have to have gathered at least 1 ton of waste paper. For each ton you will receive 10kg of high quality drawing paper from Līgatnes Papīrfabrika.

One of our good friends of transporting waste paper is company SIA Kravu Eksperti!

We want to accent your interest in recycling resources, environment friendly lifestyle and preserving of natural variety and diversity! So, we, Swedbank, Latvian Fund for Nature and Līgatnes Papīrfabrika, invite all participant schools and organize a special competition with creative tasks for checking your will to be a Real Friend of Nature!

The competition will be held in three parts from 3rd till 30th November, from 1st till 31st December and from 1st February till 28th February.

Every part will consist of 5 questions and one creative task. You can sign up for the contest till 14th November fulfilling the poll (you will find it www.ldf.lv). Winners will be announced in groups 1th-4th, 5th – 8th and 9th-12th class.

Winners team will have a special day in excursions in National Park of Gauja, Special possibility to see the work of recycling paper in Līgatnes Papīrfabrika and also books from Printing house „Pētergailis” un „Jāņa Rozes apgāds”. And many other surprises.

Remember – you are competing for the title of the Best- „The Greenest Class” title!



Ziedo Latvijas dabai!



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