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Securing sustainable farming to ensure conservation of globally threatened bird species in agrarian landscape

Project Duration

September 2010 – August 2015  

Coordinating beneficiary

Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania

Associated beneficiaries

In Latvia: Latvian Fund for Nature

In Lithuania: JSC Goldengrass, Zuvintas Biosphere Reserve Directorate,
Kretinga State Forest Enterprise


EU LIFE+ Programme, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Latvia and the project partners

Project sites

Natura 2000 sites Pape, Liepājas ezers, Kliošiai, Žuvintas, Tulkiarage, Šyša.

Project managers

Project Manager - Žymantas Morkvėnas (Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania)

Project coordinator in Latvia– Jānis Reihmanis



+371 7830999


+371 7830291



73-2 Dzirnavu Street, Riga

LV-1011, Latvia

Project website


The LIFE+ project is bringing together organizations determined to address the needs of the globally threatened Aquatic Warbler species by promoting sustainable farming practices, restoring important habitats and raising public awareness in Lithuania and Latvia in 2010-2015.

The main project objective is to ensure the favourable conservation status of globally threatened species – Aquatic Warbler (Acrocephalus paludicola).

Project objectives

  • To restore important habitats,
  • To ensure economic and social motivation to maintain management of important habitats in long-term perspective,
  • To apply demonstration measures to replicate experience on agri-environmental management measures and increase an area of suitable habitats,
  • To raise public awareness on conservation needs and efforts as well as species ecology to increase acceptance of the species in the society.

Project activities

  • Ex-ante monitoring of breeding birds and their habitats providing baseline information on the species and habitat conditions before the implementation of practical management measures;
  • Developing of the special agro-environmental scheme for the Nemunas River delta region to involve local farmers in the management of the breeding habitats of the Aquatic Warbler species as well other globally threatened species;
  • Special studies following expert analysis and existing experiences from other countries (study visits) to develop solutions combining local business development and biodiversity conservation;
  • Capacity building of nature conservation authorities and strengthening the dialogue with local communities;
  • Restoration of abandoned habitats;
  • Awareness rising.

Expected results

  • Ex-ante monitoring of the breeding Aquatic Warbler population and their habitats covering all six project sites;
  • Special agri-environmental scheme for the Nemunas River delta region including specific conservation measures needed for favorable conservation status of the Aquatic warbler;
  • An app. 300-350 ha ecological priority land-use plot in one of the project sites enabling habitat restoration activities and application of agri-environmental management measures for conservation of target species;
  • Analysis of the Aquatic Warbler habitat management including scenarios ensuring sustainable economic benefit for the land-owners;
  • Raised capacities of the involved protected areas administration through development of a communication strategy with landowners and communication/negotiation as well as ArcGIS trainings provided;
  • Three study visits to the selected countries to gather scientific and practical management experience for experts, environmental officials and landowners of the project areas.



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