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Lielupe floodplains

Total site surface area (ha): 257

NATURA 2000 Code: LV0523100

Site description

The site is situated in the central part of Latvia. There are three mutually isolated meadow areas of Lielupe in Jelgava town: 1) meadow named Pilssala (island of the Lielupe river), 2) meadow on the right bank of the Lielupe river between Iecava River and Robezu street, 3) meadows between Vircava and Platone river embouchures. These meadows are areas that were protected against melioration and intensive agriculture and they are regularly flooded during the spring season. Largest parts of all habitats are grasslands 57% (pastureland), wetlands 36% (open water 19% and river banks temporarily covered with water 18%) and artificially habitats 7%. A small part of the territory is still managed through grazing or mowing, however, the scope and intensity decreases year by year.

Nature values

The density of calling Crex crex* is one of the highest in central Latvia. This is nationally one of the most important sites for breeding of Limosa limosa (5-15 pairs) and it holds very high diversity and density of other wader species, namely Vanellus vanellus, Tringa totanus and others. One of few regular breeding sites for Motacilla citreola in Latvia. The site is good example how valuable habitats and species can be preserved within borders of a relatively large city.

Site is an IBA and it meets IBA criteria A1 for Crex crex*. Altogether site hosts 8 bird species listed in Annex I of Birds Directive and 6 of them are targeted by the project including a priority species Crex crex*. Site also qualifies as pSCI containing 3 habitat types listed in Annex I of Habitats Directive and all of them are targeted by the project.

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Nature management plan:

There is nature management plan for Lielupe floodplains writen by Mrs. Ieva Rove from Latvian Fund for Nature and team of experts. Link to Latvian version of full text document.

Summary (in English): 28521/Lielupe_floodplain_meadows.pdf (18.59 KB)


Brouchure for stakeholders (in Latvian) available here

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