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Mugurve meadows

Total site surface area (ha): 295

NATURA 2000 Code: LV0528800

Site description

Site is located in northeastern part of Latvia in floodplain area of River Mugurve that discharges into River Pededze. Site consists of meadows along river Mugurve (W part) and Pededze, which are different. Although the Mugurve part has undergone drainage to reduce the spring floods, it is still flooded in spring and the water table is very high throughout the rest of the year. The ditches are overgrown with shrubs and trees separating the open area of meadow into narrow strips. The Pededze part of the site is generally drier and has not been much affected by drainage. Pededze river valley is scattered with single oak trees and their groups, however, heavy overgrowing with bushes is occurring in the largest part of this area due to cessation of mowing. Only small areas (less than 10%) are irregularly managed today through grazing or mowing.

Nature values

Site holds one of the highest densities of calling Crex crex* in the northeastern part of Latvia. One of the best sites of Osmoderma eremita* in the region and in the whole country. NW part of the territory represents typical landscape for undisturbed river valley and floodplains, very typical for Pededze river catchment. Site hosts 5 nationally protected bird species both as breeders or regular migrants, 3 nationally protected mammal species and 2 nationally protected invertebrate species.

Site is a part of an IBA that meets IBA criteria A1 for Crex crex*. It hosts 4 bird species listed in Annex I of Birds Directive including 2 priority species Crex crex* and Aquila pomarina*. Site also qualifies as pSCI hosting 1 priority species listed in Annex II of Habitats Directive (Osmoderma eremita*) and 2 habitat types listed in Annex I of Habitats Directive.

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Nature management plan

is worked out on 2005 by Ms. Liene Salmiņa (Latvian Fund for Nature). Latvian online version of full text document available.

Summary (ENG): 28514/Mugurve_ENG.pdf (97.06 KB)


Brouchure for stakeholders (LV) available here

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