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liela izmçra apavi

Here you can find all the news concerning LIFE-Nature project "Restoration of Floodplains". Here are just headlines of news with couple of sentences about the context. You can read full message clicking on the date or the title. 

Corncrake - Crex crex Osmoderma eremita


30.06.2008. Final day of LIFE-Nature Project „Restoration of Floodplains". Today, 30 June is the final day of the LIFE-Nature Project „Restoration of Latvian Floodplains for EU priority species and habitats”. This Project was implemented by Latvian Fund for Nature since October 2004 in cooperation with Nature Protection Board, North Vidzeme Biosphere reserve, Latvian Ornithological society and 21 municipalities.

09.05.2008. Seminar for capacity building of meadow management planners. The seminar for capacity building of meadow management planners will take place on May, 13-14, 2008 in Burtnieki organized by the Latvian Fund for Nature within the framework of LIFE-Nature project "Restoration of Latvian floodplains for EU priority species and habitats"


04.11.2008. The nature management plan of Lower Reaches of Pededze has been approved. On October 2, the nature management plan for a specially protected nature territory "Lower reaches of Pededze" is approved by the order No. 605 of the Ministry of the Environment.

04.11.2008. Procedure of individual protection of the nature reserve "Raíupe Vallley". On October 4, draft regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers “Regulations Regarding Individual Protection of the Nature Reserve “Raíupe Valley”” prepared by the Ministry of the Environment was presented in the meeting of State Secretaries.

04.11.2007. We are inviting to the cycle of stories "Choose nature protection!". The Latvian Fund for Nature in collaboration with the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund and Student Association of University of Latvia Faculty of Biology are inviting to the cycle of stories “Choose nature protection!”.

03.09.2007. The experience of managing floodplains in Svartĺdalen, Sweden. For three days, from August 24th to 26th, in Svartĺdalen, Sweden, took place the exchange of experience trip, to find out how to combine tourism, agriculture and nature protection in places of Natura 2000. 39 participants took part in the trip – the officials of many local governments, as well as the representatives of nature protection organizations, and many agriculturists.

03.09.2007. Wild horses grazing in the City Centre. On Wednesday, 29.08., in the centre of Jelgava (the forth biggest City in Latvia with 70 thousend inhabitants) – Pilssala – 16 wild horses from the Netherlands came for a domicile. In future they will help to keep Lielupe floodplain meadows from overgrowing with bushes.

03.09.2007. The Dviete Floodplain becomes richer. This summer in Nature Park The Dviete Floodplain is lavish – wildlife cows and horses give birth to cubs, told Benita Đtrausa, Project manager of Bebrene parish administration.

03.09.2007. The new information stands and booklets for the territories of Natura 2000 in North Vidzeme. On the four territories of North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve the new information stands have been placed yesterday. Six stands together are placed next to Rűja floodplain (2 stands), Sedas bog, Burga meadows and Vidusburtnieks (2 stands). These are meant for the visitors of the region and inform about the especially protected natural territory – Natura 2000 place of special values, natural processes, maintaining and the order of keeping.

03.09.2007. The season of mowing the biologically valuable grasslands is open. Yesterday, on July 10, the mowing of biologically valuable grasslands has started. So is stated in the agreements with the Rural Support Service for all those landowners who manage the so-called “green meadows”.

06.06.2007. Nature management plan for Svçte’s floodplains confirmed. On April 26, this year the Minister of Environment approved of the nature management plan for the nature park “Svçte’s floodplains”. The plan was worked out by Latvian Ornithological Society within the framework of the LIFE-Nature project “Restoration of Floodplain Meadows”.

20.04.2008. Nature reserve "Mugurve meadows’’ has its own rules. The regulations of individual protection and use of nature reserve for Mugurve meadows has been certificated (Regulations issued by the Cabinet of Ministers Nr 245, accepted in 10th April, 2007, Riga).  They come in to force on 14th April, 2007.

20.04.2008. Public discussion in the lower reaches of Pededze. The public discussion of nature management plan for nature reserve "Lower reaches of Pededze’’ will be in Stradu primary school "Lejasstrazdi" at 10:00 on  8th May this year and in Rugâji parish municipality at 16:00 same day.

11.04.2008. Managing Sita and Pededze nature reserve under its regulations. There are approved regulations of individual protection and use for the nature reserve "Sita and Pededze floodplains" (The Regulations of the Cabinet Nr.168 approved in Rîga on 6th of March, 2007).

15.03.2008. Public discussion of Raíupe valley plan. The public discussion of Raíupe valley’s nature management plan will be discussed in Dundaga medieval castle on 8th March, 2007. You can get acquainted with the management plan at the Dundaga municipality or at the LNF’s home page (on Latvian) – here.

15.03.2007. The plans of nature protection are approved. On the beginning of this year in the Ministry of Environment the nature management plans of three Natura 2000 sites: the nature reserve "Lielupe floodplains", "Lielie Kangari" and nature park "Vilce" were certificated.

05.02.2008. Defines regulations of individual protection and use of nature reserve “Lake Burtnieks Meadows’’. Regulations of individual protection and use can be developed for every protected nature area in Latvia, considering the individuality of the specific distinction of the protected area as well as aims and messages of its establishment and protection.

05.02.2008. Positive and Negative Examples of Tourism Planning at the Natura 2000 Sites. Author: Juris Smaďinskis from Association of   Latvia Rural Tourism "Lauku ceďotajs". The guidelines and examples for including natural resources – nature objects, biotopes, species and territories into the popularization of sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism. The examples of project has been commented and included by experts from Latvian Fund for Nature.


13.12.2006. Defines regulations of individual protection and use of nature reserve “Mugurve meadows”. On 12 October, in the meeting of State Secretaries was announced Cabinet Regulations project “Regulations on individual protection and use of nature reserve “Mugurves meadows”.

13.12.2006. Human and nature in confrontation. What is the benefit for us from animals and plants which someone is striving to protect? What benefit a negligible meadow animal is capable to give for a person living in Dunalka, Durbe or Liepâja?

27.11.2006. Ways of managing Lake Durbe Meadows will be discussed. Within the framework of LIFE-Nature project “Restoration of Floodplains” the management plan for the nature reserve “Lake Durbe Meadows” is being developed by the Latvian Ornithological Society and it is developed for the period  2007-2016.

27.11.2006. To preserve the place for corncrake nest. Article of Mr. Edgars Sauka, Jelgava district newspaper “Zemgales Ziňas” (“Zemgale News”).

31.10.2006. Public discussion of management plan of nature reserve “Burga Meadows”. On the November 17 this year at 11:00, the meeting of public discussion of management plan of the nature reserve “Burga Meadows” will be held in Valka parish municipality.

30.10.2006. Public discussion of management plan of nature reserve „Rűja Floodplains”. The meeting concerning the public discussion of the nature reserve “Rűja Floodplains” will be held this year on the November 16 at 11:00 in Valmiera district “Sçďi” - in the little hall of Sçďi Manor House.

30.10.2006. Public discussion of management plan for Lielupe Floodplains. On the November 2 this year at 10:00 at Jelgava’s District Council – in Jelgava, Pasta iela 37 the public discussion of nature management plan will be held concerning the nature reserve “Lielupe Floodplains”.

18.10.2006. Being satisfied with joint work on the Jelgava Castle Island. On Saturday, October 14 on the Jelgava Castle Island 42 volunteers participated in joint work of the restoration of floodplain meadow, and this was organized under the LIFE-Nature project “Restoration of Floodplains” by the Latvian Fund for Nature.

10.10.2006. Everybody is welcomed to the joint work in Jelgava Castle Island! On Saturday, October 14, everybody is welcomed to joint work of restoration of floodplain meadow in Jelgava City. It is organized by the Latvian Fund for Nature under the LIFE-Nature project “Restoration of Floodplains”.

22.09.2006. The third meeting of the steering group was held. On the September 15, in the reading-room of the Latvian Nature Museum in Riga was held the steering group meeting concerning the LIFE-Nature project “Restoration of Floodplains”.

15.09.2006. Rural Developement Programme - the future of natural meadows threatened. Nature protection organizations express their incomprehension about the reduced payment for of biologically valuable grasslands foreseen by the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013.

15.09.2006. Finland’s experience in restoring coastal grasslands. In the middle of August cooperation partners of the LIFE-Nature project Restoration of Floodplain Meadows participated in an experience exchange trip to Finland.

13.09.2006. How should the Dviete floodplain be managed? On August 11th, farmers whose farms are located in this specially protected nature territory included in the Natura 2000 network of protected areas, gathered in the “Atâli” homestead, Bebrene parish.

13.09.2006. Management plan for the nature reserve “Pededzes lejtece” in the process of elaboration. On August 8th, a meeting of supervisory group that is working on elaboration of management plan for the nature reserve “Pededzes lejtece” (lower reaches of the Pededze) was held in Stradi parish.

24.08.2006. An Eagle, a Cow and Evidence of the Stone Age in the Dviete Floodplain. On 11 August people from the Rubene Parish gathered for a seminar organized by the Latvian Fund for Nature.

10.08.2006. Representative of the European Commission opens works on information boards near Pededze. In the evening of 5 July three new information boards were set up in the Sita and Pededze Floodplain Nature Reserve and the Mugurve Meadows Nature Reserve.

10.08.2006. New Information Boards in the Meadows of Lake Burtnieks. As the date of the Burtnieki Park celebration is nearing, activities around Burtnieki do not cease. The municipal government has invested in restoration of paths around the park; yet the biggest news is the recently opened Vîsraga trail.

22.05.2006. Will the great snipe return to the meadows of Lake Durbe? - A public information meeting has been called to involve land owners and other stakeholders in the process of development of the management plan for the Lake Durbe Meadows Nature Reserve. Over a year already restoration of floodplain meadows has been taking place in the NE part of Lake Durbe; bushes have been cleared and mowing once again started in the abandoned meadows. 

12.05.2006. Wooly cows soon to graze in the Dviete and Pededze floodplains - A present from the Netherlands Fund for Nature ARK, 36 six Highlander cattle will arrive to Latvia on Saturday, 13 May. In the afternoon, 16 of the cattle will travel to their new home in the Dviete floodplain meadows, but already in the later evening another group of 16 will be released in the Pededze floodplains.

25.04.2006. Management Plan for the Raíupe River Valley: Work in Progress - The Raíupe River Valley is a unique natural value that the inhabitants of the Dundaga, Ance, Puze and Valdgale counties should take pride in. The Raíupe River Valley Nature Reserve was established in 1987, and it is situated within the territory of these counties.

12.04.2006. Management plan for the Lielupe River Floodplain Meadows to be updated - The Natura 2000 territory “Lielupe floodplain meadows” is a unique nature site positioned within a busy urban environment of Jelgava. The site was established to protect natural meadows on the banks of the Lielupe River.

06.04.2006. Welcome to the Svçte Floodplain - All stakeholders and other interested parties are invited to attend a public information meeting for development of a management plan for the Svçte Floodplain Nature Park on April 6. The Latvian Ornithological Society draws the management plan for the Svçte Floodplain.

14.03.2006. Meadow Day Celebrated in March - Even though thick snow has delayed arrival of spring, on Tuesday, March 14 the Latvian Fund for Nature organized the Meadow Day. The key issues covered during this event were more appropriate for the seasons with no snow – results, methodologies and problems encountered while assessing biologically valuable grasslands as well as practical meadow management experience acquired in two LIFE-Nature projects: Restoration of Floodplain Meadows and the North Gauja.

07.03.2006. Nature conservation in the countryside: possibilities set in the Rural Development Plan - Workshop for nature conservation in the countryside from the perspective of the Rural Development Plan was held on March 7. It was organized as part of the LIFE-Nature project Restoration of Floodplain Meadows for EU species and habitats; the event was attended by representatives of municipalities that are partners in the project.

27.02.2006. For watching birds and admiring Burtnieks - An observation tower was recently built in Vîsrags on the shores of Lake Burtnieks. Officially it is called a bird watching tower. Nature enthusiasts are convinced that the new tower will offer sights of birds typically inhabiting floodplains. If lucky, one would also hear breeding songs of corncrake and even the great snipe that nest in the Burtnieks floodplain.


18.12.2005. Restoration of Floodplain Meadows is features in the Planta Europa latest news edition - The Newsletter Winter 2005/2006 of the reputable international organization Planta Europa featured the Latvian Fund for Nature. Information is found in the section on the New Members of Planta Europa; for a full article in English click here.

16.12.2005. Deciding the future of Vidusburtnieks… - The Vidusburtnieks (Middle Burtnieks) Nature Reserve is a newly established specially protected nature territory, which is in place since 2004. That could possibly be the reason why the name of the reserve is somewhat perplexing to local inhabitants: there is no similar name found among the old settlement names.

08.11.2005. What awaits the Kalnciems Meadows? - Public hearing to discuss development of the management plan for the Kalnciems Meadows Nature Reserve will take place on 10 November 2005 at 15.00 in the Kalnciems town social hall.  

09.09.2005. 1300 ha of floodplain meadows restored within a year - Meadow restoration activities are still in progress; in the first year of the project, 60 contracts have been signed with land managers for restoration of over 1300ha of floodplain meadows for the total sum of 79

18.10.2005. Activities in Burtnieki - All year long an air of activity has surrounded Burtnieki: bushes are cleared around the lake near the Burtnieki village, and in the floodplains of Rűja and Seda.

26.08.2005. Project Steering group meeting in Seda floodplain - Evele - parish in Valka district, 23 August. The members of LIFE-Nature project "Restoration of Latvian Floodplains for EU Priority species and habitats" had their second Steering group meeting.

10.08.2005. Experience of floodplain management in Estonian Western coast - At the beginning of August, municipality partners of LIFE-Nature project “Restoration of Latvian Floodplains for EU priority species and habitats”, rural advisers, most active landowners and participant’s nature protection institutions made a two-day study trip to Matsalu National Park in Estonia within the framework of the above mentioned project. The Northern neighbors have unique experience in floodplain management.

22.07.2005. Representatives from the European Commission visited Uţava floodplains - Alsunga, 20 July. European Commission (EC) representatives have visited municipality of Alsunga in Kuldîga district as part of their site visits to LIFE-Nature projects in Latvia. They were introduced to the one of the sites of the project “Restoration of Latvian Floodplains for EU priority species and habitats”, heard local opinion about nature conservation and life in Alsunga. They also had a short look at habitat restoration works done in floodplains of protected area “Uţavas augđtece”.

08.06.2005. New booklet "Birds in floodplains meadows" published - In the beginning of June within the framework of LIFE-Nature project “Restoration of Latvian Floodplains for EU priority species and habitats” we have published an educative booklet about birds in the floodplain meadows. This booklet is targeted at all landowners and farmers, whose daily lives are linked to the floodplain meadows.

08.06.2005. The corncrake counting campaign has finished - Why is it so important to look for corncrakes and wonder in darkness in the long grass covered with dew, trying to differentiate all those strange sounds by night? Why should the minister of environment and other government people unite in one team together with local people and experienced ornithologists, to inventor meadows around Lake Burtnieks?

31.05.2005. Hear the corncrake! - When celebrating the World Environment Day the particular attention will be drawn on the corncrake - endangered bird species in the world. The bird, which reaches its highest nesting density in the floodplain meadows, during this week will be inventoried not only by the project staff, but also by the Minister of Environment, local farmers and nature observers throughout the Latvia.

25.05.2005. Floodplain monitoring - Surveys of the night birds have been taking place in floodplains for almost a month now. It is one of the most important actions of the LIFE Nature project “Restoration of Latvian Floodplains for EU priority species and habitats”, in order to monitor bird breeding density changes. First priority is given to the project sites where restoration works are planned this year or already started.

12.04.2005. Documentary film „Zaďais îpađums” about floodplains of Northern Vidzeme - Latvian Television demonstrated documentary film „Zaďais îpađums” (Green Property) on April 16. Green Property is a series of documentary films, shown every second Saturday in Latvian main Television channel. This time the series focus on floodplain restoration and management within our LIFE Floodplains project.

11.04.2005. First-round informal meetings about restoration of floodplains come to end - Informal meeting in Jeri municipality on the 8-th of April closed the chain of first round of introduction meetings about restoration of floodplains, organised by LIFE-Nature project. 19 meetings were organised during eighty days in sixteen Project territories. In total, more then 800 landowners were invited to those meetings. More then half of invited landowners participated or gave response to the project. 

14.03.2005. Restoration of floodplain meadows - The floodplain restoration works are already taking place in several sites of Latvia. Less than six months are gone since the LIFE-Nature project „Restoration of Floodplains” has started, and first stakeholders already are removing shrubs from floodplain areas in their private lands inside nature protected areas. According to the agreements, they will finish these works until the end of March.

11.02.2005. Why the floodplain meadows of Rűja River must be restored? - About 70 years back, during the first Republic of Latvia, there were at least 2 times more pastures and meadows in Sçďi parish as in nowadays. Inhabitants of Sçďi have experienced lot of changes during the gone century: celebrative foundation of collective farms (kolhozs) „Ziemeďi” (North) and „Ďenina ceďđ” (Way of Lenin), and after also carefree dilapidation of them with following closing at the end of Perestroika.

14.01.2005. News about Seda floodplains restoration - First meeting for landowners in project “Restoration of floodplains” was organised for Seda and Ergeme municipalities at 14.01.2005. About three hours the project team, different experts and landowners have discussed about most actual things related to nature conversation and floodplains management. Project manager Ms Inga Racinska leaded this meeting and after ceremonial beginning next speaker was Ms Ivita Nagle from the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Latvia.

03.01.2005. First meeting with stakeholders on LIFE Nature project " Restoration of Floodplains" - To make the beginning of year more active, the first stakeholders meeting is planned on 14.01.2005. at Ergeme parish  (Valka district).


09.11.2004. Municipalities are involved in "Restoration of Floodplains" project actions - More then six weeks are gone already since the project started and all the territories are covered by project actions now. Regional co-ordinators together with project team have visited already all the local municipalities, which are located in targeted territories.

07.10.2004. Restoration of floodplains - At the 1-st of October Latvian Fund for Nature has started to mange new project "Restoration of Latvian floodplains for EU priority species and habitats", financed by EU Life-Nature programme and UNDP Latvia. The project includes all the best floodplain meadows from all regions of Latvia, which hold significant nature values and have not been dealt with under other nature conservation projects.

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