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DEMO FARM final seminar

Invitation to international seminar for closing of Demo Farm project 15-16 September 2011 in Valmiera, Latvia. The purpose of this seminar is to share the experience gained in the project “Demo Farm - Development of Latvian-Estonian network for demonstration of environmentally friendly farming practices”.


The main themes covered by the speakers in the seminar will be:

Lessons learnt from the process of development of integrated farm management plans

Most of the Demo Farm project outputs have emerged from the integrated farm management planning process, involving 20 farms participating in the project. Integrated farm management planning process applied in the project, where planning of economical activities on the farm was done in close relation and respect to the nature values of the farm, was an innovative approach in both countries - Latvia and Estonia.

Recommendations based on the project findings for improvement of rural development policy in Latvia and Estonia

Inventory of the nature values on farms and detailed study of the farm production process has provided valuable information on the bottlenecks for the current farm subsidy systems in Latvia and Estonia. This information has been used to develop recommendations for the future development of the rural development support measures.

Future of the demonstration farm network in Latvia and Estonia

The project has laid a sound foundation for further development of the demonstration farm network. Farms involved in the DEMO FARM network will be presented and possible cooperation with other networks and projects will be discussed.


The seminar takes place in the premises of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Cesu street 4, Valmiera.

The seminar is open for representatives from NGOs, advisory, research and educational organizations and other institutions interested in development and promotion of environmentally friendly farming.

The seminar program starts at 09:00 Thursday, September 15th. On Friday, September 16th a study tour to 3 Latvian farms involved in DEMO FARM project will be organized and it is foreseen that the participants will return to Valmiera after 18:00.

Detailed program of the seminar will be available on: , by August, 2011.

The working language of the seminar will be Latvian and English, providing simultaneous translation.

The seminar is organized by Latvian Rural Advisory and Training centre in cooperation with Latvian Fund for Nature and Estonian Fund for Nature within the Estonian - Latvian Cross-border Co-operation Program project “DEMO FARM - Development of Latvian-Estonian network for demonstration of environmentally friendly farming practices”. More information about the project is available on, and


Registration to Seminar

50-60 participants are expected to take part in the seminar. Online registration for the seminar will be opened on July 22, on and will be open until September 5.

Seminar Costs

No participation fee will be charged, however accommodation and travel costs to the seminar venue have to be covered by participants. Catering - lunch on 15th and 16th September, dinner on 15th September and coffee breaks during both seminar days, and buss for visiting project farms will be provided free of charge.

Accommodation and transport

Participants are responsible for arranging their travel and accommodation.

Information about buss and railway connections to Valmiera can be found here: and

Following hotels are ready to accommodate seminar participants:

Contact information:
Andrejs Briedis, DEMO FARM project manager
Mobile phone: +371 26309648
Office phone:+371 63020513


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