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SIF project[05.02.2014  15:25]
SIF Project[27.01.2014  17:34]
SIF project[15.01.2014  15:47]
Season Greetings[22.12.2011  14:25]
Green-Go Fest[23.09.2011  18:52]
DEMO FARM seminar[02.08.2011  13:59]
International Seminar: Demonstration of environmentally friendly farming[23.02.2011  15:22]
Happy New Year 2011[04.01.2011  17:41]
Marmoni starts[03.01.2011  19:48]
Nature conservation NGOs in Nordic-Baltic region - working together[09.04.2010  12:31]
DEMO FARM 20[24.03.2010  18:15]
Boosting Baltic biodiversity[10.03.2010  12:35]
Latvian Fund for Nature invites students to apply for practice[20.01.2010  08:40]
Merry Christmas[28.12.2009  10:48]
Demo Farm Application[28.12.2009  10:48]
Demo farm[28.12.2009  10:47]
Seminar on establishment of demonstration farm network[01.12.2009  19:59]
Start of DEMO FARM[23.11.2009  13:46]
New Office - Dzirnavu Street[23.11.2009  09:29]
Workshop on biodiversity monitoring for general public[04.11.2009  22:49]
Nord Stream[04.11.2009  22:44]
Colour rings for ospreys in Latvia[07.08.2009  00:05]
Many of Europe's most vulnerable species and habitats under threat[14.07.2009  12:15]
Lesser Spotted Eagle - WebCam[04.06.2009  15:59]
World Migratory Bird Days 2009[20.04.2009  14:26]
Exhibition devoted to Latvian mires[25.02.2009  13:08]
Presentation of Mire book on the International Wetlands Day[25.02.2009  13:07]
Presentation of the Mire book[25.02.2009  13:07]
Merry Christmas and new 2009[25.02.2009  13:07]
Natura 2000 network expands again[25.02.2009  13:04]
The final of the "Mire" project[25.02.2009  13:03]
Final seminar of the “Mire” project in Olaine[12.02.2009  12:50]
Final seminar of the "Mire" project in Usma[12.02.2009  12:40]
Final seminar of the “Mire” project in Jaunkalsnava[12.02.2009  12:30]
Final seminars of the Mire project[12.02.2009  12:30]
Publications of the Mire project[12.02.2009  12:22]
International Raised Bog seminar has come to an end[12.02.2009  12:13]
Raised Bog Day in Western Latvia[12.02.2009  12:05]
Raised Bog Day in Olaine[12.02.2009  11:53]
Final day of LIFE-Nature Project „Restoration of Floodplains"[30.06.2008  15:59]
New nature trail and watching tower in Cena[30.05.2008  14:41]
Seminar about meadow management[09.05.2008  20:27]
World Migratory Bird Day 2008[09.05.2008  04:21]
A new address of the LDF Office[21.02.2008  19:19]
34 man-made nesting grounds for Ospreys[21.02.2008  19:18]
Ainārs Auniņš - Chairman of the LDF Board[21.02.2008  19:17]
Botanical Guidebook is published[21.02.2008  19:15]
Lesser Butterfly Orchid – Plant of the Year 2008[21.02.2008  19:14]
Northern Gauja project finished[19.02.2008  07:32]
Seasons greetings[28.12.2007  11:18]
Engure Lake in Slovakian film festival[04.11.2007  16:24]
Nature management plan for Pededze[04.11.2007  16:23]
Individual management rules for Rakupe Vally[04.11.2007  16:22]
Support for involving society in nature protection[04.11.2007  16:21]
Choosing of nature protection - story 1[04.11.2007  16:20]
Sustainable tourism planning - Zebrus Nature reserve[04.11.2007  16:18]
Sustainable Tourism planning in Natura 2000[04.11.2007  16:17]
Floodplain management in Svartadalen[03.09.2007  20:01]
Wild horses will graze in the centre of forth largest City in Latvia[03.09.2007  20:00]
The Dviete Floodplain becomes richer[03.09.2007  19:59]
New site of Ergates faber has been found[03.09.2007  19:58]
New information boards in Northern Vidzeme floodplains[03.09.2007  19:56]
Mowing season of grasslands has started[03.09.2007  19:56]
Midsummer celebration in a nature friendly way[20.06.2007  14:58]
Day of Biodiversity[20.06.2007  14:46]
May 22 – Day of Biodiversity[11.06.2007  17:35]
Open letter[11.06.2007  17:28]
LDF founders assembly[11.06.2007  17:15]
Slender naiad - new specie for Latvia![07.06.2007  00:21]
Herb embassy[07.06.2007  00:13]
Nature management plan for Svēte’s floodplains confirmed[06.06.2007  17:04]
The regulations of individual protection and use of nature reserve[20.04.2007  23:17]
Investigation of osprey in Latvia[20.04.2007  23:17]
The public dispute in the lower reaches of Pededze.[20.04.2007  23:16]
New board[11.04.2007  23:25]
Sita and Pededze - own law[11.04.2007  23:25]
Public discussion of Raķupe meadows management plan[15.03.2007  09:32]
Criticizes project of Latvia rural development program[15.03.2007  08:57]
The plans of nature protection are approved[15.03.2007  08:38]
Protective rules of Lake Burtnieks meadows[05.02.2007  22:58]
Tourism Planning at the Natura 2000 Sites[05.02.2007  22:38]
Christmas Greetings[22.12.2006  16:05]
Defines regulations of individual protection and use of Mugurve meadows[13.12.2006  19:11]
Durbe outlaws[13.12.2006  19:10]
Tourism as an alternative for managing Natura 2000[27.11.2006  15:45]
Ways of managing Lake Durbe Meadows will be discussed[27.11.2006  15:43]
Public discussions about Svēte floodplains management plan[27.11.2006  15:43]
Public discussions about Burga meadows management plan[27.11.2006  15:42]
Public discussion about Rūja Floodplains management plan[27.11.2006  15:41]
Public discussions about Lielupe floodplains management plan[27.11.2006  15:40]
Satisfaction about voluntary work in Jelgava[27.11.2006  15:39]
Joint work of Lielupe floodplain restooration[27.11.2006  15:37]
Steering group meets again[27.11.2006  15:36]
Does Corncrake know what is "sofa farmer"?[15.09.2006  21:46]
Concerns about the future of natural meadows[15.09.2006  21:45]
Study tour to Finland[15.09.2006  21:45]
How should the Dviete floodplain be managed?[13.09.2006  23:26]
Management plan for "Pededzes lejtece" nature reserve[13.09.2006  23:26]
Evidence of the Stone Age in the Dviete Floodplain[24.08.2006  07:56]
Representative of the European Commission Opens Works on Information Boards[10.08.2006  17:23]
New Information Boards in the Meadows of Lake Burtnieks[10.08.2006  17:15]
Will the great snipe return to the meadows of Lake Durbe?[22.05.2006  19:39]
Wooly cows in Dviete and Pededze floodplains[22.05.2006  09:20]
Welcome to the Svēte Floodplain[25.04.2006  15:45]
Management Plan for the Raķupe River Valley: Work in Progress[25.04.2006  15:24]
Management plan for the Lielupe River Floodplain Meadows to be updated[25.04.2006  15:18]
Meadow Day Celebrated in March[24.04.2006  06:21]
Nature conservation in the countryside: possibilities set in the Rural Development Plan[24.04.2006  05:50]
LIFE project „MIRES” informs about the results of elaboration of management plans[09.03.2006  21:37]
Mire News[09.03.2006  21:36]
Second Steering group meeting of the LIFE Project[09.03.2006  21:31]
The second meetings of the Management Plan Steering Groups[09.03.2006  01:02]
Study tour to Finland[09.03.2006  00:56]
For watching birds and admiring Burtnieks[07.03.2006  23:56]
Restoration of Floodplain Meadows is features in the Planta Europa latest news edition[07.03.2006  23:38]
Deciding the future of Vidusburtnieks…[07.03.2006  23:09]
What awaits the Kalnciems Meadows?[07.03.2006  22:25]
1300 ha of floodplain meadows restored within a year[07.03.2006  21:30]
Activities in Burtnieki[06.03.2006  18:09]
Steering group[07.09.2005  00:43]
Experience of Matsalu[07.09.2005  00:03]
EC delegation in Alsunga[03.08.2005  08:52]
Brouchure[15.06.2005  01:08]
Corncrake campagne[15.06.2005  00:54]
Corncrake[15.06.2005  00:41]
Floodplain monitoring[01.06.2005  08:30]
Green Property[18.04.2005  14:03]
Informal meetings come to end[13.04.2005  11:43]
Restoration of floodplains[16.03.2005  19:05]
New office location[08.03.2005  17:28]
Rūja River floodplains - why?[21.02.2005  11:38]
News from Seda floodplains[20.01.2005  19:17]
First meeting with stakeholders about floodplains restoration[07.01.2005  08:42]
Final report of Lake Engure project[04.12.2004  13:24]
Municipalities are involved in project actions[26.11.2004  14:46]
Restoration of floodplains has started[14.10.2004  20:57]
Project final seminar[27.09.2004  17:06]
Latest anotation of prject "Freshwater pearl musel"[23.01.2004  16:35]
News from Lake Engure nature park[06.01.2004  14:09]
What is happening in Lake Engure Nature park in winter[09.01.2003  10:58]
Exploring rivers in the North Vidzeme Biosphere reserve[16.12.2002  09:05]
After the work ...[18.10.2002  10:11]
What is done to protect the Lake Engure Nature Park[17.10.2002  15:46]
The best reed-cutting machine in Latvia![26.07.2002  10:38]